Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Your Average Animal Research Paper!

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Amanda K. said...

I bought this during the TpT sale! I'm so glad I did. My kiddos have learned TONS about researching and publishing! (oh yea...and about animals) This was a blast! I can't wait to add the party aspect to next year's lesson/celebration! Thanks so much!

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Jenna Sharp said...

I bought this from TPT. It was too late in the year to use it, but I am excited to use it next year. :) I appreciate that you blogged where you bought the gingerale etc. I love knowing exactly where to go, and not driving around to 5 stores to look for the best deal!! Thank you!!

Rachelle said...

LOVE this! You all are the BEST!

Mrs. Lamb said...

Great! We made "expert posters" this year for animal research. Each student had to incorporate 4 nonfiction text features into the poster and my 2nd grade kiddos ate up some Gail Gibbons! Can't wait to add to my unit using your ideas next year!

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