Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thursday Throwback: Teacher Test...and a little bit of Pinterest!

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Bethany Hunter said...

What a cute activity! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

Hunter's Teaching Tales
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Ms. Chae Charges In! said...

LOve this idea, I am using it!! Thanks!!
Ms. Chae Charges In

Matt Sutton said...

Well I know that Number 2 is definitely TRUE. That dog is spoiled!
Very cool idea and lesson with the kids!

Digital: Divide & Conquer

First Grade Frenzy said...

What a great idea for your students to get to know you! Great icebreaker! I'm going to try this with my firsties this year but have them point to true/false signs as I tell them facts (or non-facts) about myself! Thanks for the idea!!!

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