Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guided Reading

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Mrs. Roper said...

I have a question for ya! I noticed that you had Treasures - some of those guided readers are pretty long (in 3rd grade) - how long do you stick with a book? I like the nonfiction ones because we don't always have to read the whole thing. I would also like to know more about your guided reading manipulatives, they always keep guided reading exciting! A friend of mine and I would sometimes do Mystery questions - we placed different discussion prompts / higher level thinking questions in envelopes and each student would pick their own question and discuss with the group. They seemed to really enjoy it and it got them engaged.

Amanda said...

This looks great! :) So, if I purchase the ultimate reading resource, this is included in that file?


Megan said...

Oh my, thank you for this post! I love your container with the "fun" things you use for guided reading. I have some Wikki Stix that I want to use, and now I'll use them in guided reading! We have some Kagan things we use, like learning chips and comprehension cubes...just like anything, you have to keep guided reading new or the kids get bored!

I also love that you call them over by name of the book. That is a fabulous idea...I have called them by a color or shape in the past, and want to use this idea now! Your "now showing" posters are also really cute. One of my goals this year is to create a reading notebook similar to yours with running records. How do you find time to do anecdotal records? I have such a hard time with those.

We are switching over to Lead 21 this year, which has a built in guided reading component (we've been doing guided reading in the past anyway). I'm curious to see how it will affect our current practices.

How much time do you spend reading versus discussing? I know that we have been encouraged to spend a lot of time actually READING during groups, but sometimes I feel we don't have enough time to discuss comprehension and be on the same page about the book. How do you balance it?

Thanks for the post. I love seeing what other 3rd grade classes are doing!


Rachelle said...

I love this! I have your Teacher Reading Binder and I love it sooooooooooo much (that's a lot)! So, is the rest different or just more detailed? I love to learn more about Guided Reading because I'm still trying to perfect it! I'm a long away from that though! Have you seen my file folder that keeps track of the GR levels?

-Rachelle {your biggest fan}

Megan said...

Loved your post. I really like the idea of keeping the previous, current, and future books of each group in the bin. What a great way to organize so you're never behind!
I noticed that your students were sitting on big exercise balls at the guided reading table. I love the idea and I'm sure it makes it even more exciting for the students to participate in guided reading. Are these a distraction? What guidelines do you set up at the beginning of the year about their use?


My name is Josephine. said...

You ladies are awesome!!

I finished up my first year as a reading/math teacher... overwhelming is an understatement! I really wanted to implement Guided Reading, but I wasn't able to implement it as efficiently as I had hoped. So, I am supperrrrrr excited to do some summer reading and better prepare myself to approach reading!

I have already re-downloaded your Reading Resource File to get the Guru file- very excited!

In your blog and file, I saw a picture of one of your girls using Plastic Sleeves- so great! Where did you get those??

Also, how do you use your "Stash of Goodies" exactly? I'm so intrigued!

Thank you!!!

Ms. Morgart said...

Oh my word!!! This is amazing!! I purchased the Teacher Reading Binder: Complete on your website....and LOVE it! Do I need to purchase it on TpT to get the new updates or is it something different from what I purchased? lol....because I am always ready to shop ;)

Curls and a Smile

Dana said...

You are awesome! I thought I was organized, but DANG! This is fabulous! I have my reading groups set up very similar to yours, but it's not as awesome. :) I'm hopping over to your TpT store right now! Your ideas seem like the answers to some of the questions I'm still up in the air about. Thanks for sharing!!!

3rd Grade Gridiron

Mary said...

your hot spot idea is a great way to keep them engaged. I can hardly wait to use them. Mary

Super Teacher said...
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Super Teacher said...

I just purchased this and love it!

What are your other students doing while you're working with guided reading groups?

Stephanie884 said...

Oh my word! I am so glad I stumbled across this website :) I am a first year teacher... straight out of college and I had to laugh at your interview experience because mine was very similar. I have accepted a 3rd grade position and was not as prepared as I had hoped to be for Guided Reading. Most of my questions were asked above but I'll just list them again.

- What are your other students doing? Centers if so, what are some good center ideas for 3rd grade?

- Are the exercise balls a good alternative? They seem more comfortable and good for those kids who need to have some kind of movement...not to mention the balance practice they get with it!

- How do you acquire your classroom baskets of leveled books with 6 copies of each? Is that something you purchase or your school has and you check them out and just put them in your baskets until you are done with them? Also do the students catch onto the idea that K is a lower level than R? I love your idea of calling up by book name so I wasn't sure if they even noticed the letters.

Thank you so much for any help and inspiration!!!

Unknown said...

Great post!!!!!!!! Love your ideas!
Grabbed your button. Grab mine :)

A Teacher's Treasure

Lisa said...

This is a great post! Guided reading is the one area that I feel I need to kick up a notch. As an fyi - your teacher binder link goes to the TPT homepage.

Effective Teaching Articles Blog

Jennifer Nall said...

A fantastic source for guided reading is called The Next Steps in Guided Reading by Dr. Jan Richardson. It shows how to effectively do guided reading from pre-emergent to the fluent reader. She's an amazing presenter as well. Her book is sold on or scholastic and is the BEST guided reading resource I have read in 13 years and I've read Fountas and Pinnell, Debbie Diller, etc.

Lisa Fiema said...

Thanks so much for sharing so many great ideas! Now I'm prepared to head back to my 2nd graders with lots of new ideas after our holiday break :)


mimi said...

I purchased the guru and it's very blurry.I have the updated version of Adobe. What do I do?

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Hi, Mimi-
Email us at and we'll take care of that for you. :)

LMF331 said...

Hi there, I love your post and all your explanations! My district also uses a workshop approach for most subject areas and I am trying to do the same with Math. You mentioned above that you do guided math, is there anywhere you have a blog as detailed as your guided reading?

Thanks for your time!

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. That's great that your district uses a workshop approach to meet the needs of its students! Once you teach guided math you will wonder how you taught it any other way!! We don't have any big, detailed's something we were going to work on this summer. Feel free to email us with any questions you have about guided math and we can try to answer them for you!! Nicole and Melissa :)

jkrygier said...

May I ask how you address word attack skills? Do you teach mini lessons that follow a phonics continuum for each group? Whole group? Especially looking at your third grade level with mult-syllabic word attack. Thanks for the reply...

Dazzle on a Dime said...

Check out You'll find lots of great ideas to help differentiate with students who work independently during guided reading time. "Fastfinishers" and the iDazzle App Units are perfect for those who need to keep their minds busy with meaningful work while the teacher is working with small groups. You'll love them!

Jillyp said...

I am very OCD and I love guided reading. I have been teaching guided reading since day one, although I continue to learn more each and every day. I also noticed your use of exercise balls. How do they work with your students? Are they more helpful or distracting? I have first graders.
Does the binder have everything that the guru has, or are they different?

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

It is great to hear that you love guided reading! Your students are very lucky!! Personally, the exercise balls have been great. I have 5 of them, so 5 kids get them each day and we rotate them before dismissal. You definitely have to set up and model rules (no rolling on your stomach, no throwing them, no poking them with pencils, etc.). Also, the binder includes the entire Guided Reading Guru file, our literature group file, and our reading workshop file. :)

Casillas said...


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Louise Morgan said...

Thanks for the great information. You are very fortunate to have had someone come to your classroom and model guided reading groups. I felt like I was thrown to the wolves my first year and would have loved a helping hand. The 2nd grade team at my school uses Daily 5 for our literacy block, but we still do traditional guided reading using the "Treasures" resources. Combining Daily 5 with guided reading helps with the management of the students you are not working with and allows for a lot of independence. Great post. Keep them coming!

taking things one day at a time said...


Great post. My school is really into Guided Reading, but I've never been properly trained! This was a great blog to read. One of my biggest problems is knowing how to group them, i.e. their letter. Is that information in your "Be a Guided Reading Guru" reading coach just suggests I use my own judgment, but there must be a better way!


Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Hello Taking Things One Day at a Time!
Thanks for visiting our blog and taking the time to make a comment. Grouping students for guided reading groups can really take some time and thought, in order for them to be "dynamic," like Fountas and Pinnell suggest. I will be writing a post about this topic specifically this month- keep reading!!! :) Melissa

bakerclass said...

What size exercise balls do you use at your guided reading table? I was planning on ordering some, but I have no idea what size would work best for fourth graders. My kidney table height appears to be identical to yours.

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Hi! I use the 55 cm exercise balls. They are $8.77 at Walmart.
Enjoy the rest of your summer! Nicole :)

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hgbaby said...

oh my Gosh, I LOVE YOU! I taught K, 1st and 2nd grades before becoming a mommy and switching to preschool. I share your philosophy and used the same teaching methods that you do. I am sad to say none of the schools my children have attended use any form of guided reading. It is a frustrating thing to me. I want to direct them all to your blog! THANK YOU for taking your time to do this! AND for being an awesome teacher:)

Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

Thanks for your kind words! Thanks for passing our blog on to other teachers!! :)

diane2bit said...

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